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Road To Gainz (Boody Building Guide)

Road To Gainz (Boody Building Guide)

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For everyone looking to sculpt, recomp, build & loose this is the perfect workout + nutritional guide for you! 

As seen by over 1.8 million people.. My gainz guide will give you a step by step 8 week weekly workout guide that caters to glute growth.

I’ve included…

- Counting Macros (Carbs, Protein & Calories) 

- A Nutritional Guide 

- My favorite 68g GAINZ weight gain smoothie recipe along with a full 8 week booty builder guide! 

- Full Weekly 8 Week Workout Guide (Rest days included) 

Can you do this at home? Yes! But we recommend heading the gym for faster & better results. 

I gained 20 pounds and went from 112lbs to 132lbs in just 30 days with the GOOD nutrition and My Road To Gainz Guide. You can do it too girl, I can guarantee promising results by the end of Week 8! Let’s Start Gaining & Remember after finishing you can re-use the guide to continue your fitness journey. 

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